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High-quality legal counsel with reduced fees on contingency cases
As personal injury lawyers, we believe our clients deserve a higher percentage of their monetary awards, that's why we created the lowercase fee. Remember, if we don’t get you compensation, you don’t pay us at all.
Trustworthy advocates who care more about your case than cash
Our experienced personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for and protect your rights. Since our contingency fees are always reduced whether we settle outside of court or go to trial, our only objective is to get you the best outcome in a timely manner.
You deserve to know your case status every step
We keep our clients updated, educated, and involved throughout the entire legal process. We believe these things lead to a more comfortable experience and allow our clients to make the best-informed decisions for their case, and keep that knowledge for the future.

the lowercase fee

We created the lowercase fee because we believe that if you are hurt or wronged, you deserve a larger percentage of your personal injury claim compensation. On a contingency fee case, the percentages a lawyer can receive for their services are capped by the Florida Bar. Most law firms charge these maximum percentages and these rates have become an industry standard.

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we're raising the bar

and lowering the costs

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We represent those injured in all types of accidents. If another party is responsible for your injuries, we can help get the compensation you need to recover and the justice you deserve.

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principles and values

We believe clients should come before cash, and that extraordinary legal representation shouldn’t come with an extraordinary price tag. That’s why our clients don’t pay us anything until we recover compensation for their injury or damages, and with our lowercase fee, a larger portion of their award ends up in their pocket.

We pledge to educate our clients throughout their case, providing them with as much knowledge as we can so they are in control of their situation. By educating our clients, we empower them to make informed decisions on their case. We know the legal system can be overwhelming, so we want to make it easier to understand.

Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to advocating for our clients and protecting their rights. We are passionate, knowledgeable and ready to serve you. With our experience and training, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

We understand our clients’ circumstances and we do everything in our power to ease the burden of a difficult situation. We want our clients to focus on the things that are important in their lives, not the stress of any legal proceedings. Our attorneys shoulder the weight of their clients’ cases and keep them updated as they march towards justice.

We not only want to obtain the best possible result for you, but we want to obtain that result quickly. While other firms may unnecessarily prolong a case by entering it into litigation just to get a bigger piece of the pie, our lowercase fee remains the same whether or not your case is litigated.  We know that our clients want a resolution to their situation as soon as possible, so we work diligently to provide them with the justice they deserve in the most expedient matter we can.

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Testimonial by Melvin H.
"Mr. Jaffe is an amazing person anybody would be grateful to meet, he is much more than an attorney, he is a caring, relatable, good-humored gentleman. When we’d meet for lunch, it was as friends not as a client. My relationship with Mr. Jaffe developed into much more than a business transaction, quickly, it was as if we knew each other for years. He is very responsible, neat, reliable, and clearly loves what he does. He cares for the people he is representing and knows all the specifics of their circumstances, doing anything he can to make you feel comfortable throughout the process. I thank Mr. Jaffe for keeping me updated, even when times were rough, he kept me calm with his wisdom and empathy when circumstances seemed overwhelming. Mr. Jaffe is truly a blessing."
Melvin H.
Testimonial by Marissa M.
“This firm has been a blessing since day one and I am thankful I made the decision to trust my case to them. My situation was unique in that I had to transfer my case from another firm, lowercase was so helpful during that time and erased all my worries while keeping me updated throughout. They put an emphasis on educating me and being transparent during each step in the process, they worked quickly and their experience made me feel comfortable even though everything was new to me. Their guidance has been so valuable to me, I continue to recommend them to friends and family so I know they’re getting the best legal representation by people who clearly embrace their “clients before cash” motto.”
Marissa M.
Testimonial by Franz S.
"As a corporate representative, I’ve dealt with hundreds of attorneys. Rick Garcia, is one of the few I’ve felt comfortable working with. His calm and collected attitude along with his impressive understanding of the law allowed for me to feel confident going into any case. He always provided suggestions geared towards what was best for his clients. What else can you ask for from an attorney?”
Franz S.

"We take our responsibility as personal injury lawyers very seriously. We treat each client the way we’d like our family treated when seeking expert advice during any difficult situation in life. We understand that people come to us seeking guidance and answers to difficult questions, that’s why we emphasize educating our clients and keeping each step in our process transparent. It leads to a better attorney-client relationship, gives clients peace of mind, and creates strong advocates that recommend us to friends or family when they need justice."


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