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If you were involved in an auto accident, you know how terrifying it is. The situation is hectic. Your vehicle is damaged, and you got hurt. Call the police to report the accident and go to the hospital for medical treatment. Then, call a Miami auto accident lawyer to review your case.

Steps to Follow After an Accident

Accidents happen so quickly that you may not even know what occurred. Do not get out of your car unless it is safe. Otherwise, stay inside your vehicle and call the police. When the police arrive, they will take control of the scene and take a statement. They will talk to witnesses and make a report of the crash. Remember that what you say at the time of the accident could be seen as an admission of guilt, so be careful. Make sure you get the other driver’s information. Take photos of the vehicle damage if possible. Contact a Miami auto accident lawyer before you speak with the insurance company.

Get Medical Care

One of the most important things to do after an accident is to get medical treatment. If you wait too long to visit the doctor, you could have trouble proving the accident caused the injury. Sometimes people fail to get treatment because they don’t know if they are hurt. The wound starts to hurt later once the adrenaline of the accident wears off. In the meantime, your injury could worsen. Head injuries are particularly dangerous, and you should always get immediate treatment if you were knocked unconscious for any amount of time. A Miami auto accident lawyer will help you gather the medical documentation you need to prove your damages.

How Can I Get The Compensation I Deserve?

When you got hurt in an accident, the negligent party owes money for damages. The insurance company may contact you and ask for your statement. They will also verify your medical costs. The insurance representative may offer a low payment as an initial settlement offer. You have the right to refuse this payment. When you cash the check, you agree not to take any legal action. Unfortunately, the first offer is often not enough. A Miami auto accident lawyer understands how to resolve cases and will negotiate with the insurance company to get a fair settlement. Your damages may include medical bills, money for pain and suffering and lost wages, among others.

How Will an Affordable Miami Auto Accident Lawyer Help?

An auto accident lawyer understands the laws and knows how to work with insurance companies to obtain settlements. At lowercase law, we have dedicated attorneys who provide high-quality legal services. We have won millions of dollars for our clients. We have low fees and will work on contingency. We don’t get paid until we win your case or settlement. The first step is to meet with our legal team to discuss the details of your case. We work hard to make sure that you understand the legal process every step of the way. Call lowercase law today for a free initial case consultation.


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