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Some people choose to represent themselves while the evidence has overwhelming strength towards supporting their case. This move may seem like a logical reason for the innocent eye. It is, however, an unwise decision that ignores the team of lawyers and years of legal experience by the insurance company and quite possibly, the other party involved in the accident. The decision leaves you at the mercy of the insurance firm and the little knowledge you may have surrounding accident cases. Consequentially, the trial may drag out for years with no apparent resolution.

The insurance lawyer will offer you a minimal settlement fee if you lack the necessary legal fight. The action will put you at risk and at a loss of covering any future medical complications. The quick proposition is also known as, a nuisance value offer. It undergoes fast procession and dismissal by the insurance’s legal team.

What to expect when you hire a legal team

An affordable Miami Car Accident Attorney will ensure that you receive your due compensation within the required period. A client has an allowance of four years, to file a legal suit against the offender or the insurance company. The benefits following a successful legal process would include a PIP compensation package if there was a driver was at fault. A car accident in Florida favors a client with an existing PIP insurance. One has the option to either file a claim against their insurance company or the other driver’s insurance program.

Our competent car accident lawyers have innumerable perceptions surrounding possible causes of accidents. These angles will facilitate us to power your claims and land a better deal. We proceed to take failed negotiations for trial and enroll legal officers that understand how to maneuver the following conditions:

  • The vehicles repair
  • Treatment and ongoing medication
  • Missed pay at work
  • Technical car repairs
  • Emotional and mental trauma
  • Additional hospital bills like the ambulance, rehabilitation and extra medical equipment

Why should you choose our legal representation?

Our affordable Miami Car Accident Attorney integrates our free consultation services. We customize our solutions to cater to the details of your accident and the expected legal course of action.

  • Lowercase Law has a lowercase fee program that centers the contingency process on your compensation plan. Our firm will not charge you until you receive your compensation plan.
  • The legal process educates our clients on the entire legal development. The knowledge allows the client to give commentary that favors their preferred way out.
  • We have a history of providing free and trustworthy services without hidden charges. The Florida bar mandates that lawyers receive a higher compensation fee when the case goes into trial in court. Our lowercase fee program limits the attorney from advancing the case to the courts and therefore shifting the favor towards themselves. The program also variates from Florida’s industrial fees in other conditions stipulated in the bar’s system.

Our end game seeks to revolutionize the legal landscape of Florida’s injury cases. We understand the trauma and financial strain that comes from a car accident. Lowercase firm expands the possibility of increasing your settlement fee in a fast and quality fashion.


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