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People who have experienced a personal injury find themselves wondering where to find a good and affordable Miami slip and fall lawyer. Google can provide multiple pages of results when you search for local Miami slip and fall lawyer. While it is easy to find a lawyer, it is more difficult to find a quality lawyer that has extensive experience in dealing with personal injury law.

Don’t settle for the first lawyer that a Google search result presents you with. Not all lawyers are created equal. Some provide higher quality services than others. If you are looking for a top rated personal injury lawyer working on your behalf, there has never been a better time to contact our professional staff at Lowercase Law.

What a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawyer can do for you

Slip and fall personal injury lawyers specialize in slip and fall cases where clients are injured. Victims of slip and fall accidents often find themselves in pain and in financial crisis after an accident. It is during this time that you should seek out our services at Lowercase Law.

We can help fight for your right to claim monetary compensation. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you have legal rights. Our team at Lowercase Law can inform you of those rights and keep you up to date on all information regarding your case.

Are Personal Injury Lawyers Expensive?

Florida State law allows personal injury lawyers to claim thirty three to forty percent of your total awarded compensation. At Lowercase Law, we developed what we like to call the Lowercase fee.

We believe that if you are injured in a slip and fall accident that you should keep as much as the awarded compensation amount as possible. That is why our team only charges a thirty percent fee. Not many other Miami personal injury lawyers that specialize in slip and fall cases can offer such competitive rates.

Factors to Consider before hiring a Slip and Fall Attorney

  • Experience – Learn more information about the past experience of a slip and fall lawyer during the consultation period. Pick an attorney who is well seasoned in this specific area of litigation.
  • Client Testimonials – At Lowercase Law, we display our client testimonials right on our website so potential clients can see how helpful our services can be. Reading client testimonials can give insight as to how a firm treats its clients.
  • Previous Verdicts – Learn about the previous verdicts a slip and fall firm before making a commitment to let them represent you. Inform yourself about how many cases an attorney has won in the past.

If you are looking for the ideal attorney to represent you in a slip and fall case in Miami, you do not need to search any further than Lowercase Law. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the financial compensation that you deserve after a slip and fall accident. Book a consultation today to learn more information about how we can serve you.


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