what are personal injury lawyer fees typically?

The fees an attorney charges their client are for the investigation, management, litigation, and negotiation of your claim. Lawyers receive compensation in one of three ways: the first being a contingency fee whereby the client does not pay their attorney until a settlement or verdict is reached and then rewards their legal representative a portion of the compensation received. The second way an attorney is compensated is by an hourly rate, documenting all the hours spent on a case. The third and final compensation method for an attorney is flat-rate, where the total cost is agreed upon up-front. Most personal injury attorneys handle claims on a contingency fee basis.

In Florida, the average personal injury attorney or law firm will charge between 33.33% and 40% of the recovery, settlement, or verdict. Those rates can increase based upon the scope and complexity of your case.

lowercase law: the lowercase fee

lowercase is your low-cost personal injury law firm in Florida.

We created the lowercase fee because we believe that if you are hurt or wronged, you deserve a larger percentage of your personal injury claim compensation. On a contingency fee case, the percentages a lawyer can receive for their services are capped by the Florida Bar. Most law firms charge these maximum percentages and these rates have become an industry standard.

If your case settles before it enters into litigation, the Florida Bar allows lawyers to take 33.33% of the award. If your case settles while it is in litigation or a jury verdict is returned, the Florida Bar allows lawyers to take 40% of the award.

The lowercase fee remains the same, at 30%*, regardless of whether or not your personal injury case enters into litigation. Since the lowercase fee remains the same, our attorneys won’t enter your case into litigation, potentially prolonging the dispute, for the sole purpose of receiving a higher payout fee on your award. Every case is different and the decision of whether or not we litigate will be solely based on what is best for your individual case. Remember, if we don’t get you compensation, you don’t pay us anything.

Lowercase doesn’t care about industry standards, we care about our clients. You are coming to us because you need help. We want to help you by delivering justice and compensation while putting a bigger chunk of your award in your pocket.

*The lowercase fee never exceeds 30% of settlement award, but on certain cases, it could be even lower. Check our comparison chart below:

Case Variables

Florida Bar Maximum Allowable Fee


% of any recovery up to $1million before the filing of an answer or the demand for appointment of arbitrators; plus costs33.33%30%
% of any recovery up to $1 million through time of filing of an answer or the demand for appointment of arbitrators; plus costs40%30%
% of any portion of the recovery between $1 million and $2 million; plus costs30%23%
% of any portion of recovery exceeding $2 million; plus costs20%18%
 If defendants admit liability at the time of filing their initial answers and request a trial only on damages33% of any recovery up to $1 million;30%
20% of any recovery between $1 million and $2 million;18%
15% of any portion of the recovery exceeding $2 million13%
After notice of appeal is filed or post-judgment relief or action is required for recovery on the judgment5%4%

 See how much you could save on legal fees below:

YOU SAVE $33,330.00
YOU SAVE $100,000.00
YOU SAVE $3333.33
YOU SAVE $10,000.00

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