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NJ Motorcycle Case Lawyer

How To Hire An NJ Motorcycle Case Lawyer

The success of your motorcycle case depends largely on the competence of your NJ motorcycle case lawyer. This may be a difficult task since every NJ motorcycle case lawyer you come across will present himself as the very best.

However, even if you don’t get to hire the very best, any NJ motorcycle case lawyer that can meet the following requirement should be able to offer you great legal service.

Start with a research

You can search the lawyers’ directory to list out the best motorcycle case lawyers in NJ. If you have a friend or colleague who has won a motorcycle case before, he could refer you to his lawyer. After listing out some names and contacts, you should narrow the list down to about 5

Are they licensed?

Before going any further, you should confirm that all the lawyers are registered and licensed to operate in NJ. If there is anyone who doesn’t have NJ license, you have no choice but to eliminate him immediately. A lawyer that is not licensed to operate in your state cannot represent you in your state.

Assess their experience

The two professions that require experience most are law and medicine. So, you must be sure that you are hiring a lawyer that has several years of experience on motorcycle cases. Do not just rely on only word of mouth on this. Experienced lawyers usually have documentary evidence to prove their experience.

Confirm win-loss ratio

What makes experience matter is an impressive win-loss ratio. So, you may want to hire a motorcycle case attorney with a very intimidating win-loss ratio. Some of these lawyers usually have details of the cases they have won in their archive. They will be too glad to list them out to you.

Does he ride motorcycles too?

While this may not be a very strong criterion, you will be better represented by an attorney who is also a rider. Not only will he be in the best position to understand you, he will also defend you better since he understands the ever-changing motorcycle laws.

Consider payment plan

Some lawyers will charge you a fixed amount and even ask for advance even before they render any service. You should stay away from this category of lawyers. A real experienced injury lawyer will charge you high but it will be a certain percentage of your claim.

This implies that he will only earn if you win your case. That makes him a stakeholder. So, the case is equally important to both of you.


Some lawyers are so busy that they even hardly pick clients’ calls or call them back. Your lawyer should be at your beck and call at least until the end of the case. Any lawyer that does not pick your call often may not be a good idea.

Communication skills

A good lawyer should be able to communicate clearly with you without getting confusing you. Although law is fraught with numerous confusing legal jargons, a good lawyer should be able to communicate without the use of legal terms. Making use of too many legal terms when communicating to clients is a sign of inexperience or incompetence or both.

If you are able to hire an injury attorney with the tips outlined above, then you can sleep easy because you are in safe hands.


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